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The New CopperBay Bar in Paris is Getting Us Tipsy with its Creative Cocktails

Hôtel Lancaster's new bar, CopperBay, is all about classic cocktails with a twist, literally turning cocktail hour into happy hour.

CopperBay, a regular on the Top Bar lists, has just unveiled its second address in Paris and it is delighting Parisians and visitors to the French capital at cocktail hour. Opening up in the heart of Hôtel Lancaster, the best seat in the house is a very chic cobalt blue bar stool overlooking the illuminated marble countertop from where you can watch the talented mixologists at work, mixing and shaking signature drinks. The menu has been created with favourites in mind and includes the top five classic drinks most people order and the five drinks that bartenders from around the world love to mix, though all are mixed with the CopperBay twist. On the "customers" menu you will find a Bloody Mary mixed with cumin vodka and a Margarita made with chipotle-infused tequila, while on the "bartenders" menu you will find the Paloma made with spicy jalapeño liqueur and mezcal. The menu also includes champagne and wine but let's be honest, to CopperBay is to cocktail.


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