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Best in BBQ

Enjoying brisket straight off the bbq doesn’t need to be an at-home event, The Que Club in Melbourne is serving family-style dishes straight off the barbie.

Melbourne’s The Que Club is not only a boutique store specialising in everything barbeque but it is also a great eatery where, as you may have guessed, grilled dishes are the house specialty. Located in Brunswick East, The Que Club serves everything from smoked crab cake to glazed pork ribs, and the restaurant is where Diva Q recently hosted a masterclass, showing off her skills on the Traeger Grills that have earned her the title of World Champion BBQ Pitmaster Chef. Who needs to prep, marinate and throw something on the barbie when you have The Que Club serving great dishes. The restaurant has also kept vegans and vegetarians in mind when putting their menu together with delicious dishes including Brazilian wild rice and smoked foraged mushrooms satisfying veggie appetites.


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