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Paris Welcomes The Avocado Show

The Avocado Show, Paris’s new restaurant, is pulling out all the stops to show off how the avocado can transform any dish into a show-stopping foodies moment.

The name of Paris’s new restaurant, The Avocado Show, doesn’t lie, as the eatery really is all about the avocado, with the popular fruit, yes fruit, taking centre stage of the whole menu, making a cameo or claiming the starring role in every dish. Your average hipster and vegan will tell you that the avo smash is a staple in their diet, especially for brunch, and whilst the smash hit is on the menu here it does appear with a twist, served on a bed of truffle mayonnaise and Cajun chicken, satisfying non-vegans, yet at The Avocado Show the popular open sandwich isn’t the star of the menu. Stealing the show are the burgers, tacos and poké bowls, with the Fun Burger taking the prize for best original naked burger, with avocado halves replacing the buns. This is a great address for Sunday brunch but also for any other day of the week, and don’t fear meat-eating foodies, the restaurant isn’t a vegan-only destination with the menu serving plenty of dishes including eggs Florentine, burgers, salads and tacos with meat co-starring alongside the avocado.


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