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Step Back in Time with Rone

Melbourne's iconic Flinders Street Station is playing host to Rone's Time exhibition, an art installation transforming the station's abandoned third floor and ballroom into a haunting show for all the senses.

Stepping you into a time capsule, a nostalgic moment frozen in time, is Rone's Time exhibition at Flinders Street Station. Set in the abandoned third floor and ballroom of the iconic train station, Time delves the audience into post-WWII Melbourne, with 12 rooms portraying a different theme with original and recreated period objects to transport you to an abandoned public library of the mid-1900s, a classroom and a pharmacy complete with scales and beauty products. With meticulous detail, each room breathes the atmosphere of the dedicated era with lighting and sound design making the installations surreal, and with Rone's signature female portraits floating in the background of each room, looking down and around, a haunting atmosphere is created, taking you back to the Melbourne of yesteryear. This is a wonderful example of installation art where you, the spectator, can walk through the past with the setting open to interpretation as to why certain objects are there, left behind, creating your own story to every room the artist has created. The exceptional exhibition will be open to the public until the 23rd of April with The Newsagency, one of the 12 installations, located on the ground floor of Flinders Street Station, to either start or end the exhibition, taking you back in time when the newsagency was the pulsating heart of the station, when travellers were invited in to choose their reading materials for their journey. Here, Rone has recreated a newsagency, abandoned and left in its past complete with old newspapers and magazines with a face peeking through back into what was.


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