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Melbourne's Comedy Festival is Making the City LOL

Melbourne is serving up lots of laughs with the annual Melbourne International Comedy Festival taking over venues around the city to make everyone see the lighter side of an evening out.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is here and it is making the city roll over in laughter. Jam-packed with comedians that have made jokes an artform that tickles the sense of humour of the audience, the Festival is your ticket to fun especially if you are looking for some great laughs on your night out. Running until the 23rd of April, the Comedy Festival will be hosting shows around the city with a diverse selection of comedians to tickle your personal preference when it comes to what makes you laugh. Artists ready to leave you in stitches include Aidan Jones, Alex Hines and Sarah Maree Cameron, and for anyone who loves their comedy in musical form don't miss & Juliet, a wonderful musical remixing everyone's favourite Shakespearean love story with great music and lots of laughs.


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