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Juliet Without Romeo Comes to Melbourne

& Juliet is the season's fabulous musical taking centre stage at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne where Shakespeare's Juliet explores the what if, had she not ended her life. What ensues is a funny, lighthearted story told through some of pop music's iconic songs.

What if Juliet didn't end her life in Shakespeare's cult love story Romeo & Juliet? The musical & Juliet, currently playing at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne, tells the alternate story of Juliet without Romeo through dance and song. Told through an anthem of 90s music with all the decade's greatest hits, the musical explores Juliet's love for Romeo, her independence and the expectations placed on her. With lots of humour and all our favourite songs from Britney Spears, Back Street Boys and Katy Perry, this musical is fun, funny and a great day at the theatre where old stuffy stories are told and seen through new eyes. The musical also sees William Shakespeare and his wife Anne Hathaway banter back and forth in deciding what Juliet should do, offering a behind the scenes look at how the great writer, although fictionally, wrote his great masterpieces, and for the audience serving up quite the charming and hilarious dynamic between the couple.


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