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From Rwanda to Paris

Paris is welcoming the arts of Rwanda with Kigali à Paris, a series of events exploring the different talents of Rwandan artists.

Rwandan art is taking over the 18th arrondissement in Paris with music, modern art and fashion being showcased in different locations around the neighbourhood. Africapitales together with the Rwanda Art Initiative is hosting Kigali à Paris, a wonderful and immersive multifaceted event that is showing off the talents of the people of Rwanda. Until the 26th of March you can take in dance concerts, movies and art exhibitions that plunge you into the culture of the African country via the arts. The series of events taking place around the neighbourhood also includes a free fashion show on the 11th of March, revealing the latest collection from designer Elodie Fromenteau who has drawn inspiration from Rwanda and uses traditional Rwandan prints. This is a wonderful initiative that shines a spotlight on a side of Rwanda that is rarely seen and admired.


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