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Brasserie-Inspired T-Shirts by Maison Labiche Are Making Us Hungry For Fashion

French label Maison Labiche has found an unlikely fashion friend in Brasserie Lipp and the co-creation is having us feeling hungry for the collab.

Whilst it's frowned upon to call a waiter in France garçon, fashion label Maison Labiche has just released a capsule collection in collaboration with Brasserie Lipp that cheekily gives a nod to the request, garçon s'il vous plaît? The French ready-to-wear brand that specialises in embroidered slogan t-shirts and the traditional French brasserie dating back to 1880 may be an unlikely fashion duo but we love the tongue-in-cheek tees they have teamed up for, which also include the Une Table au Paradis svp (a table in paradise please) design. We're teaming our Maison Labiche x Brasserie Lipp t-shirt with a tulle skirt, wide belt, and sneakers, for a complete Parisian look.


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