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Tracy Anderson Styles Our Workouts with Wolford

Celebrity personal trainer Tracy Anderson has just teamed up with Wolford to show us how to style the label's new altheisure line, The W.

Personal trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson has teamed up with Wolford to showcase the label's athleisure line, The W. Best-known for her Method, which incorporates repetition and light weights, Tracy has worked with many celebrities including Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, and prides herself on her research into the body and how it moves, and her ability to transform bodies, giving women long, lean muscles regardless of their body type. Collaborating with Wolford doesn't only give women a look at the collection as worn by the trainer but Tracy also shares her style tips for workouts and for downtime away from the gym. The collection includes pieces that move effortlessly with the body, in and out of the studio, with leggings, sweaters and tops available in stylish colours. We're already huge fans of the TA Method and now we're excited about getting Tracy's styling tips for our always fashion-thirsty appetites.


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