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The 90s Get a Makeover with the Bella Hadid x About You Collection

Bella Hadid is making her designs for About You all about her with the model creating a collection inspired by her style with a fashionable nod to the 90s.

Model of the moment Bella Hadid is continuing her rise in the fashion realm with a collaboration with About You. After her show-stopping performance at Coperni's fashion show during Paris Fashion Week where she modelled a spray-on dress, Bella has just unveiled her ready-to-wear collection, which is inspired by the 90s and 2000s. The collection for the online retailer features 64 pieces including jackets, shirts, coats and tailored pants, all designed with a nod to the model's own personal style who has a penchant for 90's fashion. The collection also includes a vest and tie, a fashionable addition that adds a touch of androgynous style and gives off Karl Lagerfeld vibes, the great fashion designer who was known for his signature look that always included a vest and tie.


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