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Wilde About Candles

Our new candle obsession is Wilde Aroma, handcrafted soy candles made in Australia that capture our favourite scents from throughout the day. From our morning coffee to our after dinner dessert of vanilla cream, Wilde Aroma has created a candle that floods our memories with our favourite moments of the day.

Wilde Aroma candles are made with passion and the love of how the power of scent can transport you to another time, another place or bring back a personal memory. The artisanal soy candles are handmade by founder Aimee and are handcrafted with a focus on aromatherapy, with wonderful scents carefully poured into each candle, which include Fresh Coffee, waking up your senses to a warm melange of buttercream coffee and vanilla, while the Australian Bush candle will plunge you into the lush outdoors of the Australian outback with notes of eucalyptus, pine and lemon myrtle. The candles are made in Australia and are held in beautiful amber glasses that can be repurposed to hold make-up brushes, cotton balls or pretty much anything you want, giving the candle holders a second life in your home. What we love about Wilde Aroma candles is that each scent is true to its notes, with each candle truly smelling as it should, there are no subtle hints of notes with Aimee's candles, if you love vanilla then you will love the sweetness of the Vanilla Bean candle and if you crave summer fruits then the Watermelon candle is for you. The range also includes great scents that the men in your life will appreciate as well including the Cologne creation with notes of bergamot, lime and mandarin rounded perfectly with rosewood, patchouli, cedarwood and musk.


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