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Selling Sunset Style with Nicole Young

She is one of the stars of Selling Sunset who is known for her fashion as well as her real estate savviness, and now Nicole Young is inviting us into her A-list world.

Selling Sunset is one of our guilty pleasures, our kind of reality show where the drama takes a back seat to the fashion and the extravagant homes the stars walk us through. One of the stars of the show, Nicole Young, has been involved in some of the show's dramatic storylines all while wearing sky-high heels and bodycon dresses, and here she shares with us her style and how she deals with all the drama that comes along with starring in a reality TV show.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my professional style as feminine, sophisticated, edgy chic. 


Is there a difference between your looks on and off the screen?

Definitely! The looks I wear on screen are very much indicative of my authentic personal style, however, it's an elevated version. My off-screen looks are generally a slightly more casual version of what you see on-screen. And when I'm not working or filming, you'll likely find me exclusively wearing sporty athleisure-wear. 


What are you favourite brands?

I have SO many favourite brands, including Balmain, Retrofete, L'Agence, Karen Millen, Bronx & Banco, Generation Love, Nadine Merabi, Elisabetta Franchi, Michael Costello, Hervé Leger, Zhivago, Meshki, Alice & Olivia and many many more! 


What are your favourite jewellery/accessory brands?

I LOVE jewellery and firmly believe jewellery and accessories completely make a look whether it's a professional look or jeans and a t-shirt. My favourite jewellery brands are Maison & Miru, Heymaeve, Alexis Bittar, Noble & Precious, Gemmina Jewelry, Nadri, Ettika, Amina Johan, Valeré, Sif Jacobs, Thorne Dynasty, Celeste Starre, Erin Fader Jewelry, and again, many more!


Some of the outfits worn by the other ladies on Selling Sunset are over the top, your looks are a little bit more subdued, do you feel some of them wear outrageous outfits to garner more attention or do you feel the fashion represents each personality?

I definitely think there are certain outfits worn by the other ladies on the cast that are a bit inappropriate for a professional setting, however, in their defense, Selling Sunset is also known for the over-the-top fashion, so I think they are just playing the part. 

Do you think the more seasons you are on the show the more fashion-forward or daring you become?

I certainly hope and expect my fashion style to continue evolving as I'm on more seasons and part of that will entail taking more risks, but I will always strive to maintain a realistic approach to fashion, at least when it comes to the workplace.

Are the outfits we see on the show the same style of outfits you and the other ladies would actually wear to a showing?

Some of the outfits, yes, but many of the outfits, no. I think for me personally, most of the outfits I've worn for showings on-screen are pretty similar to outfits I wear for showings in real life, but some of the women who show a lot of skin during on-screen showings simply wouldn't happen in real life if they ever wanted to be taken seriously. 


Are you being approached more by brands since being on the show? And how do you choose who you work with/endorse?

Yes, definitely! It's a pretty easy selection process for me because I only work with and promote brands or products that I genuinely love. I think it's really important for my audience to know that if I work with a brand or promote a product, that my support/love for the brand or product is authentic. For that same reason, I find myself turning down more offers than I accept because creating my own personal brand based on integrity is not only of utmost importance, but I strongly believe doing so will be more impactful.


Do you work with a stylist?

Yes, I work with a fabulous and very talented stylist named Lisa Cameron for special/formal events on and off screen and she kills it every time. But for day-to-day filming, I put my outfits and looks together.

How did you get into real estate?

My introduction to real estate began long before my brokerage, The Oppenheim Group, first opened its doors on Sunset Boulevard, back when I first met Jason, the managing broker, during the first year of his real estate career. I've had a lifelong interest in and passion for real estate, so I welcomed the opportunity to shadow Jason at every showing, open house and client meeting he had, hungry to learn the ropes of the industry. So, years later, when Jason opened his first office in 2014, I jumped at the offer to join his selectively handpicked team. My first year in real estate was intense as I was bartending on the side to off-set the transition to a career where my income would be 100% commission based. I was working 90+ hours a week and commuting 3 hours a day on top of it. I barely slept but it was all worth it because it gave me the financial stability to fully focus on learning and excelling at all aspects of real estate without feeling the pressure of being in a commission only career, which can often lead to questionable ethics if you're only focusing on your commission instead of the best interests of your clients and that's something I was, am, and always will be proud to say that I'll never be guilty of. I want people to know that being successful in real estate, or any industry for that matter, takes blood, sweat and tears and complete devotion. There's no shortcut to success other than good ol' fashioned hard work. People often get the wrong impression that real estate is an easy way to make a lot of money, but the truth is, it takes an enormous amount of time, dedication and having a constant thirst for knowledge.


How much staging goes into prepping a home for a walk through? 

It all depends on the property. Sometimes sellers move out of their home before listing in which case the entire property is staged from top to bottom and other times, minimal staging is needed because the sellers' furniture/furnishings are perfect as is. In the latter situation, it is always important to declutter and minimise or eliminate all personal items so that buyers can walk into a home and visualise the space as their own as opposed to feeling like they are walking into someone else's home. 


Can you describe the most extravagant home you have had as a listing?

My absolute favourite listing to date is a property that I am about to put on the market. It's a completely remodelled 100-year -old Mediterranean property. My clients did a 3-year, $3M renovation, keeping all the original charm and character of the home while adding all the highest quality, modern bells and whistles. The minute you step foot onto this mini compound in the West Hollywood Hills, you feel like you're on vacation in the Mediterranean. With hand-laid chevron floors, a custom Boffi kitchen, a detached guest house, separate gym, pool house and two separate, gated entrances, this property has it all and more! Truly a very special and rare property that I am so honoured to represent.

Is it weird watching yourself on TV?

It's a completely surreal situation watching myself on TV. It definitely makes you much more aware of your own mannerisms! For example, I've always known that I use my hands a lot when I speak, but my God, seeing how much my hands and arms flail was equally hilarious and cringeworthy. I also didn't realise how emotive my facial expressions were - apparently I do not have a poker face!


Is it frustrating to see your words or actions twisted to create drama for the show?

This is without a doubt the most frustrating aspect of being a part of the cast. I understand it's a show and the producers need to make it entertaining and dramatic for viewers, but it's difficult when the public holds you accountable for words or actions they see on-screen when either big chunks of important context is left out or conversations are cut, edited and pieced together to create a completely different narrative than what happened in real time. 


How do you prepare for filming?

In preparation for filming, I focus on eating healthy and exercising because there's no better confidence booster than feeling fit and healthy. Beyond that, a lot of preparation goes into putting looks together from the clothes, shoes, purse and of course jewellery.

Do you find that you workout more leading up to filming? What is your exercise and eating plan normally compared to leading up to filming?

My diet is 100% vegan regardless of whether I'm leading up to film a new season or not. The main thing I do differently when prepping to film is reducing my wine intake. I love Sauvignon Blanc and that is definitely my vice, but I find whenever I take an extended break from drinking, which I do a few times a year, I am able to workout harder and get in shape and see better results, faster. In terms of exercise, my go-to regimen is high intensity cycling on my Peloton for cardio and mat pilates/calisthenics for strength and toning, both of which can be done in my living room, which is a key element for me to stay consistent.

What are your skincare routine must-have/must-dos?

I am a skincare fanatic. My husband always makes fun of me that my nighttime skincare routine takes longer than getting fully ready in the morning. I rely on so many incredible skincare products that I have been using for years and cannot live without including Dr. Dennis Gross's Extra Strength Daily Peel, which will literally transform your skin and Dermatologica's Daily Microfoliant and several from Replenix (Age Restore Bio-Repair Serum, Growth Factor Restorative Serum, and their Age Restore Nighttime Therapy moisturiser. Sunscreen is a must 365 days a year, rain or shine! My sunscreen faves are from EltaMD, Supergoop and Alastin. Bottom line, every woman needs to make skin protection (face, neck and décolleté sunscreen), gentle exfoliation and twice daily moisturiser a must in their skincare routines.

Are you working on any new projects, fashion related perhaps or within another arena?

This isn't necessarily a project so to speak, but my husband and I are deep in the process of finding a senior/hospice care dog to adopt and bring into our home. I watched a video on Instagram that deeply affected me... a family had surrendered their 16-year-old dog at their local shelter and in the same visit, asked to see puppies for adoption. Thankfully two young women had witnessed this and decided to adopt their surrendered dog on the spot and gave him the best last 6 months of his life. It was this video that opened my eyes to how many undeserving senior dogs find themselves in these and similar type situations and what sparked my passionate quest to add a senior dog to our family and give him or her dignity, love, affection and safety in the last chapter of their life. We expect to welcome our new senior dog to our home in the next week or two, we are very excited!


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