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Tulips are Springing Up in Melbourne in Celebration of Spring

The Tulip Festival is back for another season in Melbourne, showing off the gorgeous flower in all its colourful glory.

Spring has sprung in Melbourne and a colourful experience awaits in Silvan where elegant tulips are lining up to embrace everyone's favourite season. The Tesselaar Tulip Festival sees the delicate flower create an inviting rainbow to walk through, with rows and rows of tulips covering the fields with gorgeous splendour. The festival not only celebrates our favourite flower but it also celebrates Dutch culture, the land of the tulips, with stalls offering the country's delicacies including poffertjes, mouthwatering fluffy pancakes. The festival is a great day out with friends and family with kids sure to love the clogs, windmills and ice-cream while the grown-ups will appreciate the street food, live entertainment and the beautiful photos to be taken to share on their socials of course.


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