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Helping Cure Breast Cancer with Sportswear

LSKD is releasing a new collection for Breast Cancer Awareness month with proceeds from the collection going to help the amazing National Breast Cancer Foundation.

LSKD is turning its latest collection into pretty shades of pink and it is all for a great cause. Breast Cancer Awareness month has officially started and dropping tomorrow, the 4th of October, at 6pm AEST in support of the cause is LSKD's new collection. The Australian label's 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Collection includes 54 pieces with pink covering the sportswear and streetwear pieces for both ladies and gentlemen. All the bras in the collection will boast a QR code feature on the inside tag, which once scanned will direct women to a landing page on the LSKD website that will share with them how to check their breasts, to become familiar with their breasts so they are aware of any changes and to seek medical advice if any unusual changes are noticed. The label isn't only educating the wearers but it is also donating 5% of all revenue generated from the collection to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), aiming to raise more money for the NBCF this year to continue its research in prevention, detection, quality of life and new improved treatment, so not only will you be looking pretty in pink with your purchase but you will also be supporting an amazing cause.


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