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The No Vacancy Gallery Checks-In Digital Destiny

Is your Digital Destiny making or breaking you? Australian photographer Michael Woods highlights the phenomenon of altering images with his current photo exhibition at the No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne.

Michael Woods’s Digital Destiny exhibition is coming to Melbourne for a very limited time, inviting you to take in eight colourful and modified images that highlight our society’s obsession with the perfect photo. The celebrated photographer blurs the lines between photography and 3D animation, bringing to the No Vacancy Gallery the artform that is very present in our day-to-day lives, albeit in a much more professional frame, with our online presence more often than not tweaked to show an altered reality. After showcasing the photos at this year’s Venice Biannale, the Melbourne photographer is bringing his striking images to his hometown from Wednesday the 7th of September to Sunday the 11th of September and we can’t wait to see the ensemble of photographs exhibited together and discover how the artist has interpreted pop culture and touched it up in his photography.


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