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The Greenhouse Effect

Look into the sustainable future with the Greenhouse by Joost project at Fed Square.

Melbourne is once again hosting Greenhouse by Joost, a self-sustaining two-bedroom home designed by designer and sustainable living pioneer Joost Bakker. The project will see chefs Matt Stone and Jo Barrett move into the Greenhouse until the end of June and live off the fruits of their temporary home, demonstrating the art of living green in a public forum. Set up in the Fed Square River Terrace, the Greenhouse offers passers-by the opportunity to catch a glimpse of sustainable living by watching the chefs grow, harvest and cook food sourced only from their home with tours of the house organised daily for a closer peek into their daily routine. In collaboration with this project, Fed Square will also be hosting a pop-up zero waste bar and weekly cooking demonstrations from Matt and Jo, while the real highlight of this event is the exclusive dining sessions that can be booked for a unique dining experience, inspiring a self-sustaining future.


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