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The Dandenong Ranges Bloom in Colourful Splendour

Run through a million flowers at the KaBloom Festival of Flowers in Melbourne's Dandenong Ranges where sunflowers and poppies colour your day in blooming glory.

Have you ever wanted to run through a field of flowers? The new Tesselaar KaBloom Festival of Flowers in the Dandenong Ranges lets you do just that with a rainbow of blooms colouring your way through a variety of flowers. The autumn flower festival follows Tesselaar's Tulip Festival, this time inviting you into a meadow of a million flowers with dahlias, marigolds, poppies and tall, dancing sunflowers guiding you through the wonderful gems of nature. Open every day until the 25th of April the show also offers tractor rides, food trucks and circus acts, making it a fun day out with the entire family, and also the ultimate rendezvous for great photos for your insta feed that will have your followers enter FOMO mode.


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