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The BBC Earth Experience Comes to Melbourne

Sir David Attenborough guides you through the seven continents and shows you the wonders of each in the BBC Earth Experience in Melbourne.

Taking you on an immersive voyage from one continent to another, Sir David Attenborough narrates the BBC Earth Experience currently showing at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. With his hypnotic voice, the celebrated biologist guides you through the elements, the different terrains and unique animals of every continent, submerging you in glorious imagery with light and sound transporting you to Africa, Antarctica and Asia before bringing you to Australia, North America, South America and Europe. Watch as the northern lights dance all around you before you are delved under the sea to swim with the different fish. This is an exhibition that is educational and entertaining, showing you the wonders of the world while opening your eyes to the extraordinary planet we call Earth. The BBC Earth Experience is perfect for young and old and definitely a unique exhibition not to be missed.


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