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Hannah Gadsby is performing their new show, Woof!, during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and it brings the comedian's anxiety to the stage for entertaining comic relief.

Hannah Gadsby is one of Australia's most loved comedians and now you can see them live at the Playhouse in the Arts Centre in Melbourne as part of the annual International Comedy Festival. Gaining huge success after their Netflix special Nanette, Hannah draws on their success, the downside of said success and their fear of cancellation at the hands of the Swifties in the new show Woof! This is a great show to see during the festival if you're looking for an insightful look into the mind of one of the world's greatest comedians while punctuated with great laughs. A self-proclaimed person who can't have fun, they ironically serve up a very fun night out in Melbourne. Woof! is playing until April 20.


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