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Tea and Biscuits in Paris is Royal

Ladurée's Eugénie biscuits are turning our coffee date into a royal affair with delicate shortbread named after the Empress Eugénie.

Ladurée is synonymous with its colourful and sweet range of macarons but we're now obsessed with the French pastry shop's Eugénie biscuits. A crunchy biscuit topped with a dollop of flavoured cream and covered in chocolate make the Eugénie a sweet bite of heaven. And just like the iconic macaron that is available in many flavours, the Eugénie is available in 12 flavours including the classics, chocolate, vanilla and caramel, and for anyone who loves a little bit of fruitiness in their sweet bites there is orange blossom, lemon and passion fruit to choose from. We never need an excuse to enjoy a café and dessert at Ladurée but we now have found our new favourite coffee break treat that lets us feel like Marie Antoinette, even if for just the afternoon.


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