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Take a Bite of Summer

Make the most of the last weeks of the northern summer with yummy creamy gelati from Il Gelato del Marchese.

Eat your way through the last month of the northern summer and indulge in the creamy gelati from Il Gelato del Marchese. The Italian ice-cream parlour is one of Paris's most popular rendezvous spots for a treat and it is worth the queue on a weekend. The colourful display makes the eyes dance while your taste buds begin to crave the moment they can devour your chosen flavour. The house's signature recipe is the pistachio although the salted caramel and hazelnut options are not to be turned down. Made with real pistachios, hazelnuts and fruit for the sorbets, the gelati here is not only creamy but also entertains your taste buds with texture, crushed nuts add to the flavour to the ice-cream as do the the passion fruit seeds to the sorbet. Served in a cup or a cone, Il Gelato del Marchese gelati will have you licking your way to sweet happiness, or if you prefer taking a bite of summer, the ice-cream parlour also makes mini ice-cream cakes including a salted caramel "cake" covered in yummy milk chocolate.


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