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Taco Tuesday Gets the Mr. Miyagi Spin

Mr. Miyagi, Melbourne's popular contemporary Japanese restaurant, has just launched Takosu Tuesday, adding its own culinary spin on the humble taco.

Mr. Miyagi has turned Taco Tuesday into Takosu Tuesday, serving up crispy nori taco shells with delicious fillings. The new Takosu Tuesday Trio includes three tacos, with four versions to choose from, inviting you to bite into Peking duck, spider crab, salmon or spicy eggplant tacos. To complement your taco dinner make sure you order the newly created hot apple saké, adding a little bit of sweet spice to your dinner, but if you don't mind a frozen cocktail despite the low temperatures outside, you need to try the Frozen Blueberry Margs, a cocktail that is deliciously tangy and sweet, and with just the right amount of tequila kick. Taco Tuesday will never be the same again.


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