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T2 Spills the Tea on Cocktail Hour

T2 Tea is becoming the star ingredient in this season's creative cocktails, and we're flexing our mixologist muscles and making cocktails to impress.

One of our favourite tea labels is mixing things up a little bit, turning our tea time into cocktail hour. T2 Tea's new iced tea flavours are taking on the starring role in the season's coolest cocktails, or mocktails if you prefer, letting you become quite the mixologist. For a twist on the classic spicy margarita, grab T2's Iced Watermelon Fiesta, mix it with tequila, triple sec, Verjuice, chilli and lime, and voilà, your Fiesta Mexicana will add spice to your life. And for a French feel of a kir royale, That's Amore will be your drink of choice, crack open a can of the T2 Iced Peach Amore, add apricot liqueur and a splash of sparkling wine and feel like you're on a European summer getaway.


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