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Stop and Smell the Orange Blossom with Chanel

Paris is hosting Jardins Jardin, an annual event celebrating the artform of gardening, and this year Chanel is showing off its green thumb when it comes to perfume-making.

Chanel is taking everyone in Paris to the French Riviera through scent. Taking part in the French capital's annual event, Jardins Jardin, held in the perfectly manicured Tuileries Garden in the heart of the city from the 1st to the 4th of June, Chanel is showcasing its Paris-Riviera scent from its Les Exclusifs line of eau de colognes. The French house's pop-up takes you on an immersive journey through orange blossom, the signature note that plays a starring role in the eau de cologne, and lets you float through the flower, from its organic state to its transformation into a jus for a melange worthy of a Chanel spritz. Spring in Paris is magical and walking through a scented paradise is just what Parisian dreams are made of.


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