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Steve McCurry's Icons in Melbourne

Haunting, colourful,and stunning, Steve McCurry's most iconic photographs are being showcased in Melbourne as part of Icons, a retrospective of the photographer's works.

His portrait of Afghan Girl, Sharbat Gula is instantly recognisable and now you can see the other fascinating images captured by Steve McCurry in Icons, a retrospective of the respected photographer's works that is currently being showcased at Seaworks Williamstown. Showing until May 19, Icons is a wonderful photo exhibition that takes you to India, Cuba and Madagascar and even further through intimate images captured by McCurry, always delving the viewer into the soul of his subjects. The exhibition brings together over 100 photographs including of course the portrait of Sharbat Gula as well as two striking images taken by the photographer on September 11 as the second tower was hit in New York City. This is a wonderful exhibition that is both a walk through history as well as a stunning demonstration of photographic art.


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