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Starry Cocktails at the Ritz

Drink your star sign at the new cocktail bar at the Ritz hotel in Paris where astrology will lead you into a wonderful night of fun and glamour.

The Ritz hotel in Paris has just unveiled its new bar and it has proven to have been worth the wait. Accessed via the Rue Cambon entrance, the bar itself is quite the experience with an extravagant golden dome, decorated with the zodiac signs dancing on and around it, covering the bar counter, which at 5.30pm is raised to reveal the bar and to mark its opening for the evening. Inspired by astrology, the menu includes 12 signature cocktails, each created to embody each zodiac sign. Cancerians can sip on the Galant, a gin-based cocktail with notes of apple and rose while patrons falling under the Aries sign can try the Impéteux, a mix of barley eau de vie, porto and red plum. You of course do not need to stick to your star sign, but it is rather fun to discover one's own before moving on to discover the tastes of other signs. Astrology is known to guide people, but we love its direction that leads us directly to the chic Ritz!


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