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Skate Don't Run into Summer

Melbourne's Lygon Street is turning into a mini Olympic village with the new Christmas Roller Rink taking over Argyle Square for a summer of skating.

Skating around this summer is our new favourite activity in Melbourne with the opening of a new skating rink in Carlton. In the Argyle Square on the lively Lygon Street, the outdoor Christmas Roller Rink invites young and old to show of their fabulous skills on rollers. With great music soundtracking the moment this is a fun way to spend the day in the friendly city. You can rent rollerblades or roller skates for $5 but if you come with your own skates then access to the rink is free, making for a very cheap day out. This is definitely one of our top recommendations of things to do on a warm summer evening, but be sure to book to reserve your spot on the rink for your triple axel jump.


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