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Say Yes to NON

Alcohol-free drinks don't have to be boring with NON's new Everyday Range that is having us looking forward to cocktail hour the dry way.

NON, the wine alternative label made in Melbourne, has just released the Everyday Range. The collection includes three handcrafted non-alcoholic wines that are vegan and gluten-free and include sparkling options. For a sweet drop with a hint of salt there is the NON 1 Salted Raspberry and Chamomile, and for a richer, spicier option try the NON 7 Stewed Cherry and Coffee. NON is great for anyone looking to partake in Dry July or is looking to cut back on alcoholic drinks without wanting to cut back on taste when enjoying a drink with friends. The original notes of the drinks don't let you feel like you are missing out, the only thing you may miss out on is a hangover the next day. And for our cheeky readers, we have also discovered that the Everyday Range is a great cocktail mixer, so if you are still a cocktail fan and cheating through Dry July, try mixing the NON 3 Toasted Cinnamon and Yuzu with a shot of gin and a squeeze of lemon, cheers!


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