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Rooftop Drinks at Melbourne’s Rufio

Melbourne's new rooftop bar and restaurant is a Latin fusion eatery where gluten isn't welcomed but great cocktails are.

Melbourne's new gluten-free culinary offering is a Latin affair with Rufio swinging its doors open in St Kilda with Mexican and Peruvian fusion dishes delighting the palate. The new addition to the city's foodie scene sees a menu that whets the appetite for not only gluten-free diners but also vegetarians, vegans and even foodies who do not have food restrictions and happily feast on meat and seafood. The menu includes croquetas, empanadas and tostadas, which make great starters though the tostadas come with only one per order so if you're looking to share perhaps order the tamales or the oysters covered in a gazpacho dressing. Mains include king prawns served on a bed of rice and dressed in coconut and lime, glazed pork belly and woodfired eggplant served with miso glaze though if you are craving Paris's Kinugawa's miso eggplant you might be disappointed with Rufio's version topped with spinach purée, bean sprout salad and puffed quinoa taking away from the real star of the dish, the red miso glaze. The side dishes are generous, even larger than some starters, with the hand cut chips perfectly golden and meaty, a treat especially during the potato shortage, the roasted cauliflower is hearty, topped with pecorino cheese, and the sweetcorn salad is refreshing yet a little bit bland perhaps needing an extra kick with a second squeeze of lime and chilli. The restaurant and rooftop bar has perfected its cocktails though with the best seat in the house found outside especially if the sun is out to enjoy a frozen margarita or two.


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