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Rapping For Lunch in Paris

A French rapper has just created the new menu for Paris's iconic Bleu Coupole restaurant and it is making us want to sing for more unexpected collabs in the culinary world.

The culinary collaboration we didn't see coming is now making us want to go to lunch right now. French rapper JoeyStarr has just partnered up with Paris's iconic department store, Printemps, and has curated a menu for the Bleu Coupole, the store's famous eatery under the majestic stained glass dome. Working with chef Clément Blondeau, JoeyStarr has chosen to work with seasonal produce to add refreshing dishes to the menu for the warmer days in Paris, which include a duck and mango salad, crab soup with coconut milk, and a vegetable curry with a kick of ginger. The rapper has also put together a delicious dessert menu and it includes French toast with rum, and a vanilla cream-filled choux pastry sprinkled with caramelised hazelnut. The restaurant is found on the 6th floor of the department store, conveniently located in the heart of the womenswear section, making it the perfect pitstop for a Parisian lunch while enjoying a day of shopping in the French capital. The pop-up menu will be available until the 15th of June.


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