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Pizza Party in Paris

This summer in France the chefs have declared it dessert pizza season and our foodie alter egos are all here for it.

Award-winning pastry chef Manon Santini has created a mouthwatering dessert to end your meal at Bagatelle in Saint-Tropez on a very sweet and stylish note. With swirls of vanilla cream and a marmelade made with mixed berries, the pizza is covered with fresh strawberries, cherries and blanched almonds, inviting you to bite into the taste of summer, but before you dig in make sure you take a photo of the hypnotising swirl to let your feed induce envious dizziness.

And if you're in the French capital make sure you stop by pastry chef and baker Jeffrey Cagnes's pastry shop in the 2nd arrondissement for his latest sweet treats, the mini dessert pizzas. Choose from the berries pizza, the flan with creamy vanilla and salted caramel, or the chocolat, covered in handcrafted chocolate and roasted almonds and hazelnuts.


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