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Our Favourite Cantine in Paris

The tastes of southwest France are served with a smile in Paris's La Cantine du Troquet Pernety.

The number of cafés and brasseries in Paris could be overwhelming with seemingly one café wedged between two others. A traditional brasserie worth trying though in the midst of the brasserie sea is La Cantine du Troquet Pernety located in the 14th arrondissement of the culinary capital of the world where traditional dishes from southwest France are served. Try the pâté or the tuna served with sweet pea purée and brown butter, and for the daring there is the grilled pig's ears. Don't let the pig's ears deter vegetarians from dining at La Cantine du Troquet though with the eatery catering to vegetarians with delicious dishes including a creamy eggplant caviar served with Parmesan cheese shavings. The service here is very welcoming and the chef can organise a sharing menu for you and your party for a more convivial dinner and more food to share, which depends solely on your willingness to share of course.


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