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Movies Under the LA Stars

Watch a movie or workout alongside Jane Fonda at Hollywood's new outdoor cinema, Cinelounge Outdoors.

Hollywood's independent arthouse cinema Cinelounge is hosting quite the lineup this month in its new Cinelounge Outdoors, Los Angeles's outdoor cinema nestled behind the famous Egyptian theatre. Under the stars of the City of Angels you can take in the latest movie releases or watch comedian Sarah Silverman perform on the 18th of August as part of the Good Aura Comedy event. Famous for its gourmet popcorn, with flavour names inspired by cult movies including Natural Corn Killers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Popcorn, the cinema will also be hosting workout sessions. Starting on the 10th of August, and every Tuesday thereon, Cinelounge Outdoor will be screening Jane Fonda's cult 1982 aerobics workout, so you can exercise under the stars before enjoying a green juice from the Juice Bar or enjoying a treat from the Fruity Popsicle Cart. Covid-friendly, Cinelounge is a great way to enjoy what makes LA pulsate... movies!


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