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Margiela Transforms Art

He is one of the fashion world's most celebrated designers and now Martin Margiela is taking on his first solo art exhibition at the Lafayette Anticipations art space in the heart of the French capital.

The exceptionally discrete Belgian designer, who has always stayed away from the public eye and whom very few people of the public know what he looks like, is taking on a new venture to showcase his passion for the arts, revealing an obsession that began in his teenage years. The Paris art show, which will open on the 20th of October, will unveil pieces inspired by themes important to the designer including the passage of time, chance and mystery, and will bring to the public a fraction of the inner workings of Martin Margiela. Revealing never-before-seen works of art, Lafayette Anticipations not only hosts the unique show but it was also used by the designer as an atelier, with most of the works of art made in the space itself. Always mysterious, Margiela is famous for his unique vision in fashion with his signature designs created against the fashion grain. His vision of deconstructed designs revolutionised the orthodox lines of fashion and now for the first time the public will get a chance to discover his idea of transformation through his art, challenging the concept of perception and introducing new ways of looking at things. Stemming from his personal rebellious nature, which was always demonstrated with his fashion, the show will equally showcase Margiela's talents that go against the more traditional ways of presenting contemporary art.


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