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Marclee Marks the Spot

Asian fusion never tasted so good than at Marclee, a well-kept secret by Parisians.

In the bustling 9th arrondissement of Paris, where theatres and cafés swarm the boulevards, there are quite a few gems to be discovered hidden away in the neighbourhood's side streets. Such edible gem is Marclee, a wonderful little eatery where chef Carlos Lopez has curated an Asian fusion menu that mixes surprising ingredients together to create flavoursome dishes that burst with flavour such as the smoked tofu served with salmon drizzled with saffron seasoned mayonnaise, and the tacos with tuna marinated in tamarind and topped with an avocado mousse and tomatoes. The restaurant is also a great spot for vegans as the menu reads like a veggie dream with meat-free dishes that include the vegan gyoza filled with carrots, cabbage and mushrooms served with a sweet and tangy rhubarb dipping sauce, and the Baolee, a vegan burger patty served in bao bread with a tofu and mustard sauce and served with sweet potato fries. The restaurant also makes great cocktails, from the classics to the more original including the Mojito Dynasty made with saké and rum.


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