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Mad About Mugler

MAD Paris celebrates the fashionable works of Thierry Mugler, a designer who has stood the test of time in a fickle world. His designs have adorned some of the most beautiful women in the world, with Kim Kardashian famously dripping in crystal droplets covering her figure-hugging bespoke Mugler dress at the Met Gala.

Thierry Mugler's extravagant designs are being celebrated with a colourful exhibition held at MAD Paris. The fabulous fashion exhibition, Couturissime, takes you on a trip through some of the fashion world's most iconic creations, from the designer's sculpted "robot" designs to his "insect" iridescent silhouettes.

The exhibition not only highlights Mugler's career in fashion design but also puts a spotlight on the designer's other talents from photography to creating one of the best-selling perfumes of all time, Alien.

A standout space in the heart of the exhibition that is not to be missed is the Too Funky music video tribute. George Michael's hit was brought to life not only with the 90's supermodels but some of Mugler's most famous designs, including the motorbike bustier. The music video is played on a loop, scoring your time in the space while taking in the famous designs up close.

A wonderful step back in time, a fashionable time, when fashion was fun and playful with tongue-in-cheek antics bringing to life an artist's extraordinary imagination.


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