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Lunching with the Fishes in Armadale

Fishbowl is opening a new store in Armadale and it's filling us with delicious healthy salad and noodle bowls while helping a wonderful cause for kids along the way.

Fishbowl's new store in Victoria is opening on Saturday the 7th of January so mark your calendars for your new go-to for quick and healthy meals. The new Armadale store isn't only where you can enjoy delicious Japanese-inspired healthy salad bowls but it is also where you can help support the wider community with Fishbowl's partnership with Flying Fox. A Melbourne-based organisation, Flying Fox organises camps and fun-filled activities for children living with a disability, connecting them to a wider community, and on the grand opening of the new Fishbowl store on the 7th of January all proceeds from the day will go towards Flying Fox's programs. So while you enjoy your Miso Eggplant with soba noodles know that you are also helping a great cause.


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