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Kiss, Kiss

July the 6th marks International Kissing Day and to get you ready to pucker up we have selected a few must-have beauty products that will make your smile and lips simply irresistible.

Lather your lips in Lanolips's Lip Water in watermelon. The refreshing serum for your lips will hydrate and leave them with a shimmer and tasting like juicy watermelon.

To make sure you smell minty fresh be sure to grab Lebon Essentiel's Strong Mint toothpaste. Made with natural ingredients, the paste will protect your gums, whiten your teeth and leave you with fresh, kissable breath.

Soften your lips overnight with the Lip Sleeping Mask from Laneige. The Sweet Candy-smelling mask will hydrate your lips in your sleep so you wake up to smooth and supple kissers.

For extra punch to your fresh breath make sure you use Regenerate's Foaming Mouthwash. Used after brushing your teeth and eating, the mouthwash will clean and leave you with longlasting freshness. And to make sure your smile is the gateway to your smooch this International Kissing Day check out Aurélia DelSol face yoga routine. Regenerate has teamed up with the yoga instructor to introduce you to the benefits of working out your face muscles in a way that will have you smiling all day.

For "come and kiss me lips" cover your puckers in Chanel's new Rouge Coco Bloom lipstick. Available in 20 longwearing shades, the lipstick plumps, hydrates and with its intense colour will sure to leave you with very kissable lips.

If you prefer natural nude lips, lather yours in Origins's Drink Up Nourishing Avocado Lip Butter. The vegan lip butter will keep your lips soft, glowing and pillowy.

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