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Namaste to Yoga Day

The 21st of June marked International Yoga Day and this year's theme was Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family. To get you in the spirit of practising yoga all year round at home we have handpicked a few must-have pieces that will make your yoga session as calming and peaceful as can be.

Made from recycled materials and organic cotton Baya's latest collection is designed to offer comfort. Leggings, sports bras and crop tops make up the collection with the crop tops featuring a cute embroidery of the tree pose.

Helping to better guide you in your poses, Lululemon's new Take Form yoga mat is definitely a great partner for any yogi. The mat features a slightly raised 3D-texture, which lets you feel your way around the mat without looking down and without breaking your concentration while directing your body to the right position for the different poses. The 3D-texture is very subtle, raised enough for you to feel your way into poses but without being too high so as to dig into your feet, and the non-slip natural rubber material of the mat offers great grip, helping to support you in your poses.

Another mat that will transport you to inner peace and help work on your balance is from L/Uniform. Made from natural rubber and covered with cork, a water-resistant and antimicrobial material, the mat is ideal for dynamic yoga poses.

Designed to hug the body for optimum comfort, the AZ/AR collection of sportswear includes leggings and sports bras created to move when you move and still offer you support. Our favourite piece from the collection is the Petra sports bra that features a cute cut-out detail.

Follow up your yoga session with Huygens's new Aroma Flow line of products. Designed specifically to prolong the positive effects of a yoga class, the collection includes a shower gel, body milk, bath oil, and a mist for the face, hair and body. All scented with a blend of sweet orange, lemon, thyme and rosemary, they will embrace your senses with a warm, calming hug, making them the perfect way to treat your body and extend your Zen moment after your yoga class.

If you are getting ready to practise yoga at home, alone or with family, and unless you are an advanced yogi, you will need someone to guide you, and this is made easier using an app to see you through a class and the different poses. There are many apps available that are suited to different levels, and one great option is FitOn, an app designed to help you workout at home and which offers different yoga programs.


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