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Instant Polaroids Captured in Oil Paintings in Paris

France Bizot turns Polaroids into oil paintings that celebrate the iconic 8x10cm photographs that defined instant photography in the 70s.

Photography takes over the city of Paris during the month of November with Paris Photo, an international art fair dedicated to photography. Showcasing her own kind of photography is France Bizot who is celebrating the art with paintings created to look like Polaroids, creating a series of oil paintings in the spirit of the iconic retro instant photos. Art gallery Backslash in the city's 3rd arrondissement will be hosting Polaroils from the 9th of November to the 16th of December, where you can see the impressive oil paintings depicting some of the most recognisable Polaroid photos including that of Andy Warhol's self-portrait in drag, as well as more intimate images of women getting dressed. The colourful exhibition is an interesting paradox, freezing in oil the faded images of a Polaroid photograph.


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