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Inside Out

As the old adage says, it’s what’s inside that counts, and it couldn’t ring more true than with what we put in our bodies. From promoting hair growth to reducing wrinkles, these 4 products will have you turning back the hands of time.

Collagen not only strengthens your bones but it also provides structure for your skin, and the smart people at Dose & Co., who have partnered with Khloé Kardashian, have introduced a range of collagen products to help you improve your wellness from the inside out. Working to promote hair growth, stronger nails and healthier skin, the Dose & Co. products make it easy to include collagen in your diet with flavoured creamers for coffee and protein powders to easily add to smoothies, making great skin and hair only a few sips away.

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits including lowering blood sugar levels and detoxing the body. And the first French organic apple cider vinegar, Archiv, also promotes shinier hair and healthier skin thanks to the protein strands from the mother, a term used to describe the combination of the yeast and bacteria that is formed during the fermentation process of the vinegar. A tablespoon of the vinegar diluted in a glass of water every morning will leave you feeling healthier and with your gut health given a boost.

When on the go it is easy to succumb to bad food choices but with YFood it is easy to fill up on a nutritious snack that will have you feeling full for upto 3 hours. The YFood bars, available in delicious Crispy Brownie and White Chocolate, are rich in protein, fibre and have no added sugar, making for an easy meal on the go.

A spice that brings a lot of health benefits to the table, ginger is a cult ingredient regularly added to juices and teas for a bit of a kick. And Gimber, a ginger-based drink, brings all the kicks, adding antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to your morning hot water while also regulating your blood sugar levels and helping with indigestion. Gimber also helps you reap the benefits of ginger with its versatility as you can also add it to your freshly pressed juices, mocktails and even cocktails.


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