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Gin O'Clock at the Mandarin Oriental in Paris

Hendrick's is celebrating summer in Paris with an ephemeral bar in the heart of the plush hotel on Rue Saint-Honoré.

Helping us cool down in style this summer in Paris is the pop-up al fresco bar, Hendrick's Terrasse. Taking over the Mandarin Oriental Hotel's tranquil garden, the Scottish gin label has set up shop to serve refreshing and original cocktails to amuse and delight us at cocktail hour. Four signature cocktails have been mixed to perfection for the ephemeral occasion and include The Eight Heritage with vermouth and matcha tea reduction shaken with the gin, and Bubble Kiss, served in a delicate porcelain tea set, the gin-based drink is mixed with white tea and artisanal Granny Smith apple syrup, creating our favourite kind of high tea, let’s just call it our Happy Tea!


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