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Fashion and Cinema by JPG

Fashion and movie buffs are in for quite an arty treat in Paris with Cinémode, an exhibition curated by Jean Paul Gaultier showcasing fashion in cinema.

Fashion and moviemaking have always been intertwined when it comes to visual arts, and now the outfits that have helped make movie fashion history is playing out at the Cinémathèque Française. Curated by celebrated French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, the fashion exhibition Cinémode walks you through designs that marked specific points in both fashion history and cinema. Strut by Gaultier's designs for Bruce Willis's movie The Fifth Element, Sharon Stone's infamous white dress from Basic Instinct before making your way to a retro tribute to Marilyn Monroe. The fashion exhibition also showcases Marlon Brando's iconic look from A Streetcar Named Desire and superhero costumes including Superman. The show is also peppered with clips as well as photographs from famous movies including Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.


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