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Enjoy Brunch Any Day of the Week at Oppen

Melbourne's all-day breakfast spot, Oppen, is serving a Swedish Smörgåsbord through the month of November for a traditional taste of a Scandinavian breakfast.

If you love brunching then you will love Oppen. The café is nestled just off Chapel Street and serves a brunch menu every day of the week, so you no longer need to wait until the weekend to enjoy a mimosa with your smashed avo. On the menu you will find a hearty Green Brekkie with silver beet, snow peas, feta cheese and avocado, open sandwiches and toasties, and until the end of the month the café will be serving a Swedish Smörgåsbord with smoked salmon, roast beef, and ham and cheese croquettes. This is a great little spot for a midweek catch up and of course for Sunday brunch. If you prefer your all-day breakfast and brunch to lean more on the sweeter side you will be a little disappointed though with no pancakes and small treats in sight to enjoy with your latte.


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