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Designer Donuts

Momzi has turned donuts into edible gems with each delicious ring waiting to be bitten into by sweet tooth foodies.

We couldn't get enough of Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nails and now we can't get enough of Momzi's actual donuts. The new donut shop in Paris's 2nd arrondissement has us drooling with its edible designer rings. Here you need to park your preconceived notions of how a donut should taste before entering the shop, because once you enter you will let your eyes and taste buds discover how donuts can really be a delicate dessert. Forget dense and too sugary donuts, here at Momzi pastry chef Ramon Samiyi has put together recipes that are worthy of 5-star restaurants in the culinary capital. All the donuts here are named the Mother Of... indicating its best of offering, Mother of Apple Pie, Mother of Fig, even the Mother of Sesame, with each donut flavour bursting in your mouth after dancing with your eyes with their jewel-like appearance. The glaze at Momzi is used to reflect the delicate ingredients used in the donuts with rose petals floating on the Mother of Rose and thyme leaves on the Mother of Yuzu. If you are a donut connoisseur this is definitely an address you need to stop by while in Paris.


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