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Coffee Snobs Get a Festival

Sip a specialty coffee as you make your way through Paris Café Festival, a coffee wonderland with competitions, workshops and free coffee.

The coffee scene in Paris is growing more than ever and for coffee snobs the weekend of the 30th of October will sure be marked out in their calendar as the event of the year. From the 30th to the 31st of October, the city will be hosting the Paris Café Festival, the annual event that celebrates the art of coffee-making. The caffeinated event will include free coffee tastings, workshops and demonstrations from making the perfect latte to creating coffee cocktails. This is an intoxicating event for coffee amateurs who have a great appreciation for specialty coffee, and a great induction for anyone new-to-the-coffee-drinking culture. The festival will also be hosting Coffee Mixologists Allstars with six of the city's most talented bar teams creating original cocktails inspired by Paris.


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