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Coffee and Madeleine Cakes with Proust

Pop-up café Chez Marcel serves you future memories of Paris with its ode to Marcel Proust with a cup of coffee and a madeleine cake.

Tableware house Maison Fragile has turned its boutique in Paris into our new favourite café. To celebrate its Chers Parisiens collection with the talents of artist Jean-Michel covering the delicate porcelain, the house has opened Chez Marcel to serve shoppers hot coffee and freshly baked buttery madeleine cakes. Open until Christmas Eve, Chez Marcel is a very Parisian way to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the city's many savoir-faire in the art of living. The collection is inspired by Marcel Proust's most famous novel, In Search of Lost Time, covering notebooks, tote bags and of course porcelain cups and plates in illustrations of the writer and madeleine cakes. Drawing from the writer's description of the madeleine cake flooding the mind with childhood memories, this sophisticated coffee break will quite literally serve you Proust's madeleine and will leave you with a memory sure to warm your heart every time you take a bite from a madeleine from then on, bringing you back to Paris in December.


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