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Cocktails with the Fishes

Paris plunges you under the sea for creative cocktails with a cool underwater vibe complete with fish swimming all around you.

Paris's most recent restaurant opening, Under the Sea, has just unveiled its bar and just like the eatery, the bar takes you under the sea, plunging you into a fantastical underwater world. With suspended seaweed and corals creating a colourful décor overhead and foamy waves under your feet, the Under the Sea bar is a fun night out where you are surrounded by aquariums filled with fish and a cocktail menu filled with enticing drinks. Try the Red Foam, an interesting cocktail mixed with gin, lime and smoked trout syrup, or if you prefer your drinks fish-free sip on the Martiniris made with seawater. The bar also serves tapas-style sharing plates including creamy burrata cheese served with seaweed-infused brioche bread, and spicy tuna served with rice and sriracha sauce. The drinks here start from 10 euros and for Paris this bar falls in the very affordable category.


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