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Cocktail Hour Goes Green in Monte-Carlo

In its initiative to go green, the Métropole Monte-Carlo hotel has introduced two new cocktails that are both green in colour and in the cause they're helping.

The Métropole Monte-Carlo hotel is giving us a very good reason to drink in Monte-Carlo. The hotel's Lobby bar has just added two green cocktails to its menu to help a good cause and we couldn't be more excited about cocktail hour in Monaco. For a year the posh hotel will be donating one euro for every one of the two new cocktails ordered to Reforest'Action, a company that works to increase trees planted around the world. And what are the cocktails to order for a greener planet? The Rain Forest cocktail, made with Hendrick's Gin and mixed with fresh kiwi and apple juice, turns your green juice into something a little less "detox" and a little more fun, and if you're more of a mocktail fan than a cocktail one, the barman has created the Green Forest, a virgin version of the Rain Forest made with pineapple juice, fresh kiwi, fresh cucumber and fresh mint. In line with the hotel's launch of its Green Attitude philosophy in its initiative to reduce its carbon footprint, this new addition to the bar menu is a fun way for clients to give a helping hand while enjoying a refreshing drink.


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