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Ciao Paris!

A pizza pie, a cocktail and Paris's famous Saint-Germain neighbourhood are what we call the perfect recipe for a charming dinner in the French capital.

Paris and pizza go hand-in-hand at Agata, the latest restaurant we can't get enough of for Neopolitan pizza. In the Saint-Germain neighbourhood is where you will find the Italian eatery where fresh produce and friendly service make up the inviting atmosphere. The classics are all here, margherita, marinara and calzone, but when you're dining at Agata head straight to the "créations" menu of pizzas, which includes the Agatissima, made with a yellow tomato sauce that is made fresh every morning and is left to marinate for three hours before being spread over the dough and topped with burrata, rocket, basil and a splash of organic olive oil. The menu also includes an irresistible burrata menu that includes burrata with shavings of black truffle and burrata with artisanal pear marmalade, best shared and enjoyed with a spritz or a Malfy Sour, a house cocktail that will have you asking for more. Saluti!


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